I love the rain. It is truly the most beautiful and sublime act of nature (if we ignore its capacity for destruction).

Some of my most vivid sensations are of the rain; I love

  • the smell that emanates from dry earth, when the first drops of rain fall on it…
  • the feel of wet grass after a sudden shower…
  • the sound of the rain, pitter-patter on the ground…
  • the sight of rain drops trickling from the roof and car windows…
  • cupping my hands to form a pool of rain, and wiping my face with the water…
  • turning my face towards the sky, and feeling the drops fall on my face…
  • the freshness in the atmosphere and the earth after the rains…
  • fresh silvery green color of trees, dewy drops on leaves and flowers, puddles on the ground that go splash…

A lot many of my fond memories of life are also of the rains. I remember going to school on a Thursday many many years ago… it had been pouring non-stop for many days and I was waiting for the school bus at a bus stop which was about 10 minutes walking distance away from my home. The bus failed to turn up, and someone then came and told me that there wasn’t any school that day (the school had been partially flooded); so I started walking back home in my school uniform. It was pouring cats and dogs, and there was water on the road a little above my ankles – I was so exhilarated with the feel and sound of the rain, (and the thought that I didn’t have to go to school ;)) that I closed the umbrella, started singing my favorite songs and splashing around in the water, while walking back home – the people on the road must have thought that I was mad 🙂 but I had not a care in the world…

Then again, during my college days, it was the day of my computer practical exam. I was walking to the bus stop, again with an umbrella since it was raining, and mid-way I realized that there was thigh-deep water in a huge stretch of the road that I had to go across. I continued walking, and slowly the water level rose till I was almost wading in the water, and my kameez was half-drenched. There weren’t many people on the road and most of them were standing in shops lining the side of the road… some of them called out to me telling me not to go on the road since it wasn’t safe… but I was having fun 🙂 holding on to an umbrella and walking in the middle of the road (or rather, in the middle of the mini-flood) as if I owned it :D. Thankfully the water wasn’t all that dirty (unlike how it would be in Bangalore, say), so emerging out of the road, I was still fit to go to college and attend the exam.

Another very beautiful memory of the rain was when I went to Bombay/Mumbai once, during the monsoon season. I went to the Juhu beach, and as soon as I stepped into the water, it started raining like crazy… and soon, there we all were, being showered with cold water from the sky, whilst being waist-deep in the warm water of the sea, and having the tide throw us around in the water… heavenly :).

Coming back to my post, why am I talking of rain now? Well, it is monsoon season in India now, and I’m feeling privileged to witness this miracle called rain.

Rain in Kerala is a beauty to behold – transports you to a completely different world altogether. I’ve often felt that if there is heaven on earth, it must be in some parts of Kerala during the rains. Below are some pictures (courtesy Manorama and Tata world) that may justify my statement :

Naalukettu Agathalam (Inner part of a house in Palakkad)

Part of a thatched roof

Raining inside the temple

See the beautiful drops of rain...

Football fever in the monsoon...

A fisherman going back home

27 thoughts on “Rain

  1. I like raining in the night when i’m sleeping. i dont have to put on my fan and waste electricity. 🙂

    I dont like rains when i’m out on the road. The worst thing is, when i ride on my bike in the night and when it rains, water gets on to my specs and i go blind.

    I like rain when i’m at home doing nothing.

  2. Well written…i can actually feel the excitement in your lines…

    but personally…i dunno how….i used to love the rain initially….i still remember getting out for the first down pour…it was like a ritual for us to enjoy in the first rain….running around and singing downstairs…

    I’ve always been in pune all my life….and i remember this one time….we were sitting at home and we sensed that it would rain that day…and that was the first of the season….we made our calls and made sure everyone was downstairs….we freaked out as usual…but the best part was the BONUS….it was a Hail Storm and my first experience…Magical!!!

    Now, i dunno why…probably coz im older, but i’ve started disliking the rains here…probably coz here it just keeps drizzling and doesnt seem to stop….that irritating dripple…all day….all the lines you wrote about your sensations….

    >>Some of my most vivid sensations are of the rain; I love

    – the smell that emanates from dry earth, when the first drops of rain fall on it…

    i love the smell…but i get that indoors too… 😛

    – the feel of wet grass after a sudden shower…

    thats after the rains…so thats fine… 🙂

    – the sound of the rain, pitter-patter on the ground…

    sound again could be heard indoors…hehehehe

    – the sight of rain drops trickling from the roof and car windows…

    when i’m in the house or inside the car….hehehehe

    – cupping my hands to form a pool of rain, and wiping my face with the water…

    i could also do that in my balcony…..or if i really get desperate….wash my face in the wash basin….hehehehe 😛

    – turning my face towards the sky, and feeling the drops fall on my face…

    Now thats a feeling i loved before….but i dont seem to feel anymore… 😦

    – the freshness in the atmosphere and the earth after the rains…

    there you go….AFTER THE RAINS…

    – fresh silvery green color of trees, dewy drops on leaves and flowers, puddles on the ground that go splash…

    Here, it never stops raining, but ya….that sensation is also felt after the rain… 🙂

    So, Basically, we have similar feelings about the rains…but im sure the DEGREE makes all the difference 🙂

    Well Written 🙂 Had Fun reading …. 🙂

  3. Umesh: Hmmm… never thought of the elec saving aspect of rain till now. Next time, you’re alone at home n going to sleep at night, strain your ears n listen to the sound of rain outside. It’ll be pleasure in addition to that from the minimized electricity bill 😉

  4. Nicky: Thanks for that elaborate comment :)… I liked your hailstorm episode quite a bit; my first experience of hailstorm was a yr ago – I was returning from some shopping over the weekend, and was walking back home. There is a flyover on the way, and as I was about 3 min walking distance away from the flyover, it became dark all of a sudden and I saw huge splotches of water on the ground. In a jiffy, I heard loud sounds and ran for cover; it was a mini-hailstorm :)… Thankfully, I wasn’t pounded with any, but it was the first time I’ve had the hail-experience.

    As for differences in the way we both enjoy rain; well, I guess that’s okay, because after all, its the enjoyment factor that matters :). What makes it wonderful is that each person has his/her own unique experience.

  5. Cribananda: Thank you :). Was wondering if you’d returned from your trip… if the pictures are anything to go by, you must have had an amazing experience in Alaska!

  6. I love the rain in Kerala. Like you said, the smell of the dry earth before the rain… the dark clouds in the sky above the coconut trees, the sudden cooling of the atmosphere in the middle of July and so on…
    Living in Seattle where it rains 9 months a year, I’ve become kind of disenchanted with rain and crave for clear sunny days now. Snow is now my favorite natural phenomenon…looking at a familar landscape that’s been repainted in white, trying to get on skis and tumbing down a mountain and so on…
    I’m sure that’ll change if I lived in a place where it snowed 9 months a year 🙂

    PS: Umesh Gopinath totally punctured my misconception that I had a unique name.

  7. UmeshUnni: While I was writing the post, the thought of snow also did cross my mind… Wisps of snow falling on your face, catching snow flakes in your gloves, making snowmen 🙂 – it has its own charm.
    And yes, I agree with you. Too much of anything, however beautiful it may be, does tend to be a bother after sometime. I got this love for rain from my stay in Saudi … Always looked forward to coming to Kerala during summer hols (n escape the burning heat), where I would have fun during the rains.. having mangoes, running and splashing around with my cousins… brings back a lot of lovely memories 🙂

  8. Wow…a fellow rain lover…

    People here think I’m crazy when I tell them about rain. The simple act of hearing the first few drops hit the roof, then the utterly awesome white noise when a heavy rainstorm starts to come down. I love to be out in it too…

    One of the few times I’m glad I have a nice shaved head – It’s almost like losing the last barrier between your sense-centres and the outside world, and in a hard and heavy rainstorm it’s utterly incredible because you feel it, hear it, see it – all the sense are opened up like pores on the skin. Not that I’m advocating any of you guys taking a pair of clippers to your head but (shrug)…

    I guess I’m fortunate to live in a country (England) where it rains a heck of a lot 🙂


  9. PeeJ: Welcome to my blog 🙂

    Good to know that you share a passion for rain too!

    *Chuckle*… never thought that a shaved head would be the doorway to a greater sensory perception of rain 😀 – but I think I could identify with the “all the sense opened up like pores on the skin” feeling you described [love your way with words btw] – I had gone to place called Hogenakkal in Tamil Nadu, India, which has these waterfalls, and as I stood under the strony water current, this is exactly what I experienced – seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing only water.. all around me.

    Hmmm… yes, heard a lot about England and rains there too… and I remember that the Englishman’s passion for discussing the weather is an old joke 🙂

  10. oh yes! Who will not love rain. This post reminds me of an email attachment I received on Kerala’s momsoon rain. It has beautiful monsoon pictures. If my memory bank is still working, it was named mazhaakaalam.ppt I had a couple of mallu colleagues desperately trying to teach me to pronounce the word mazhaakaalam. It was funny altogether. 🙂

  11. Karthik: Welcome to you too! 🙂

    Yes, I know Mazhakkaalam.ppt – I got it too. It was a lovely forward :), with pictures of Kerala, and a line in Malayalam (poetically written) describing the pic.

    Kerala’s monsoon is a sight to behold. Really lovely place… you must go there sometime.

  12. I went for a walk in the rain this morning… it wasn’t a heavy rain, but I still love it! There’s so much to love about the rain! but sometimes the memorys you’ve shared with the ones you’ve loved and lost and feelings you remember…So calming, yet painful… One more thing that can make me smile, yet cry at the same time… I wish I had someone that I could share that with……. but till then, I’ll enjoy every chance of rain I can get!

    But, what you wrote was very beautiful, it makes me smile to know there are those of us out there that also know the simple pleasure of such an incredible feeling….

    ~Rachel aka Night Rider

  13. Rachel/Night Rider: Thanks for the lovely comment!

    You know, I’ve often wished for the *same* thing i.e. someone to share the joys of a walk in the rain (while it is drizzling, of course ;)); someone to hug, while watching the pitter-patter of rain on my window sill… of course, till we all get our special someone-s, as you said, its wonderful enough to share it with like-minded people like you 🙂

  14. Hey some these photographs that you have are pretty admirable and classic. Would you be able to share where exactly you have got these from.

    When it rains in Kerala is one of my most favourite moments of my life. I adore and cherish those moments sitting next to an open window or at the balcony or even walking through it after college (whn I was at college). Whenever it rained I felt a special excitement and love towards life.

    It wonderful to know that there are people that share this emotion.

    Arun Raj

  15. Hey Shikha..!!
    Happened to read ur blog on rain! Well written!
    Monsoon in Kerala is something that I too miss the most! I’m in Phoenix now (where temp is only 50 ged C), which is a total contradiction!
    Cheers! 🙂

  16. Shalini: Welcome :).
    50deg! Whoa. Well, I definitely wish the rain gods could oblige you right now!! Btw, the rain gods in Kerala are not exactly staying true to their word this year… pretty dismal rainfall this time round :(.

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