Sillunu (Jillunu) Oru Kaadhal

Thought I’d break the prolonged silence on my blog with a music review :).

SOK Music Rating: 4 and 1/2 out of 5.

I had heard the music of SOK some time ago, because there were a lot of people talking about it, and I was getting requests to post a review. After three weeks of intense personal activities, here is my take on the album (whew…finally :)):

What can I say about AR Rahman, that hasn’t been said before. It can only be a man of pure genius (like him) who can come up with a number like Munbe Vaa En Anbe Vaa. Each time I hear the song, I feel my senses melting – suddenly, nothing else matters in the world and the song takes my body and soul into another dimension altogether. The song starts with a piano interlude (don’t I love songs that start like that :)) and the combination of Shreya Ghosal and Naresh Iyer, that follows, is sheer magic. While her sweet honey-like voice wafts into your ears and fills your being, his husky, silvery tones gently brush alongside hers and sweeps into prominence almost at the end of the song (I would have liked more of Naresh in the song though 😦 )… Rahman blends multiple layers of both the voices to create a masterpiece that only the maestro is capable of. I also love the lyrics (and will be posting it on my song lyrics page soon) – here is the extract that I like the most, because I think it has this spark of naughtiness 😉

Nilavidam vaadagai vaangi
Vizhi veetinil kudi vaikkalaama
Naan vaazhum veettukul verarum vanthaley

Thenmalai thekkukku nee thaan
Unthan thoLgalil idam tharalaama
Naan saayum thOlmel verorum saainthaley…

Neerum sengula chErum
Kalanthathu poley kalanthavar yaar…

The next song that I liked in the album is the other popular number Machakari. I first saw the song on TV before I heard it, and what struck me initially was that it  is almost a continuation of Rahman’s experiments with western music. Its a dance number with catchy beats, and will  get you to shake your head, tap your feet in tune with it. Shanker and Vasundhara are complete rock stars in this song, and Rahman succeeds in tapping the raw-ness potential in both the voices thereby giving us facets which we haven’t heard earlier; Also another surprising element in the song is that both loud and soft sounds intermingle and there are instruments (that I cannot recognize) playing softly in the background contributing to the multi-layers.

NewYork Nagaram was the surprise piece for me, because I never really expected it to be so addictive. Rahman is in superb form (his voice tugs on my heart); the guitar strings and the hollow chorus in the background is haunting. The perfect song for solitude :), and for commemorating long-distance love, and longing… [Infact, the song is so perfect that I found the visuals in the movie lacking – it was looking like a Tanha Dil (DCH) copy :(]

Jillendru Oru Kaadhal is the opening song of the movie. Very stylishly packaged song – reminds me of the English Broadway musicals in the 60’s, of jazz, the movie Chicago, and Rahman’s own number “Hello Mr. Ethirkatchi” in Iruvar. The voices (Tanvi, and ?) are very cute, I loved the indulgence :).. there is also a stray alley-cat somewhere there. Leave it to Rahman to add a bit like that 😉

Majja Majja: SPB Saran in yet-another-sensual number, with Shreya accompanying him. Reminded me of kaadhal sadugudu… but please don’t compare the visual presentation of the song. Kaadhal sadugudu is a treat for the eyes – sensual and subtle whereas even though Majja Majja is interesting and catchy, the visual in the movie is in-your-face, and there are too many jatkas-matkas that destroy the subtle nuances of play in the song. I was disappointed because this was the song where Surya’s and Jyothika’s chemistry should have set the screens ablaze, but it did nothing of the sort. The song is  beautiful – please listen to it while banishing all thoughts of the actual visuals – you’ll enjoy it then.

Maricham: Techno-indulgence. Rahman displays the finesse that he showed in “Dol Dol” in Ayudha Ezhutha, here also. I love what he is doing to Indian contemporary music – we get to hear so many world influences in his pieces nowadays… we’re coming of age :). Some parts of the song have an Enigma hangover, and then some parts of the background that remind me of the Nightrider theme music. I didn’t understand much of the lyrics – I think if I do, I will appreciate this piece more. The “Tejomayam” echo lingers on…

Kummi Adi:  This is a track set in the tamil village – exulting over a marriage with elements of the Iyer culture thrown in generous doses within the lyrics. Kummi Adi is the perfect icing on the SOK cake that blends such diametrically different music in the same album. I wish I could understand the lyrics a little bit more – for now, my appreciation of the song is limited to its native flavoring, and of course Naresh’s presence in it 🙂 – Rahman surely knows how to tap the vocal dimensions of this guy – what a contrast Kummi Adi is to Munbe Vaa, Roobaroo and Tu bin bataye.

Summing up, this is one album every Rahman fan needs to have with them. However, when I watched the movie, I did secretly wish that it had been Mani Ratnam instead, to give the perfect visual interpretation to the maestro’s magic… anyway, I guess the effort was good enough. I’d give the movie a rating of 2 and 3/4 (because it wasn’t good enough for a 3)… oh, but then that’s content for a whole new post isn’t it ;).

25 thoughts on “Sillunu (Jillunu) Oru Kaadhal

  1. I liked Munbe Va for sure, but Newyork Nagaram is my favourite. Didnt like the other songs. Jillendru Oru Kaadhal the opening song is also good. Didnt like the others.

  2. You seem to be really impressed. I haven’t heard the album myself (except for one song) but my friend keeps raving about it. Since two of you are, may be I should check it out.
    But then again, he’s a hard core Rahman fan too 🙂

  3. Cribananda: Yup. I’m definitely a hard core Rahman fan :). However I would like to think that I have some discerning capacity too, since there are Rahman numbers which I don’t really appreciate – SOK music didn’t impress me initially either (usually Rahman songs take time to grow on you), except for a couple of songs. But after repeated listening, I started noticing the intricate bits and also liked the diversity he’s shown. Try to get your hands on the music, and let me know what you think.

  4. Good movie. i like the SOK song itself, and the whistle version. good time pass, and couldnt help notice the chemistry between the two.

    Nice Post


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  6. Hey Thanks Shikha for the review of SOK music. My favoutives were New York Nagaram and Munbe vaa, then of course Kummi adi. New york Nagaram does really affect you, if you are lonely in a big city. Visualization was terrible 😦 Thanks once again. 🙂

  7. Appu: Thanks 🙂

    Visitor: You’re very much welcome :). Yeah, in fact, I really didn’t like the way any of the songs were picturized. But after repeated viewing of Munbe Vaa on the telly (cannot stop listening to the song), I’m getting accustomed to it, and am willing to say its just okay :)… Atleast Bhoomika and Surya look gr8 in the song.

  8. hi shikha

    here are two new songs of naresh iyer

    silusilukum silmishi in chennai kadhal

    and a romantic song nee en thozhiya illai kadhaliya in RENDU

    i would like to have your review

  9. Saras: Good to see you here :). Haven’t heard both songs… will hear them and opine on them soon!

    Yasodhaa: Welcome 🙂 and thanks for the comment. Yup, AR is the best 😀

  10. Hi
    my opinion is story wise it is the worst movie.
    movies usually have a large impact on people’s thinking and their lives . In this movie , surya loves bhoomika and then with such a silly reason , he marries joythika , Any true person who really loves will never give his/her love for the sake of anything in the world . I think mr director sir has dmaged the entire concept of love and that too by making two popular artist staaring in this , he has given a completely wrong message to the public .
    how many good movies like minale , and lot other movies where the hero strive to get united with their lover , has literally changed many peoples lives . THe movie is really colourful with surya and joythika ,with a very dagerous message to the public , love anyone and marry some one . I think the director better understand the importance of giving better story to the public rather than giving such a colourful idiotic story

  11. Divya: I do not know about the movie “sillunu oru kadhal”, but for sure the movie “minnale” is not giving any good message. It says it is OK to lie to a girl for her love… and now in my opinion is not good message either.

  12. Come on guys when did movies start giving out messages? And that too films like minnale and sillunu oru kadhal? Just yenzoy the movie for three hours and then mind your own business. I do that. When i watched minnale only thing i did is to ogle at reema sen and enjoy vivek’s comedy.

    In that case all Sharukh movies give out wrong message. He always gets interested in girls who are already engaged/married to someone else. Be it Darr, Dil to pagal hai, Veer Zara, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Anjaam, DDLJ, Pardes, Chalte Chalte, KANK and Kal Ho Naa Ho. In Kal Ho Naa Ho he sets Priety up with Saif and then gives long dialogues saying he loves her blah blah. Funny ofcourse. But are you saying after seeing these flicks guys started line maroing other’s spouses?

  13. Divya: I didn’t really like the Sillunu Oru Kadhal movie – but what upset me was not that Surya left Bhoomika. Infact, I don’t really think that it is such a wrong message to give to the world, because that story probably borrowed elements *from* the real world :). True love and the concept is beautiful (and available mostly in movies and fantasies), but in reality, most of the so-called “immortal relationships” in college die after a while because of a whole lot of reasons, not just parental opposition. People move on in their lives and that is okay in most cases, because it is pointless to hanker over things in the past… In the movie, Surya tries for a while, is unable to contact Bhoomika, marries Jyotika (out of compulsion) and goes on to realize that he is able to enjoy a wonderful and happy life with her, and falls in love with her. What else should he have done? Drink himself to death like Devdas 🙂

    What I did hate the movie for was another reason: They show that Surya falls in love with Bhoomika when she’s a traditionally dressed, pretty and simple girl in college. Later, when they show that she’s returned from Australia, they show her in glamorous clothes, all dolled up, having an obnoxiously loud personality and having none of her previous traditional “virtues”… which was sort of an excuse for the writer to justify the fact that Surya need not have any feelings for her anymore because she’s changed so much. This was of course, unnecessary, because ideally, even if Bhoomika turned on his doorstep looking exactly as she did in her college days i.e. being the gentle, traditional, beautiful girl, Surya would still not have felt a thing for her because he was in love with his wife, and committed to her.

    As for Minnale being a good movie, I agree with Balaji. Although I did ogle at Reema and Madhavan (aka Umesh ;)) and like the comedy, I totally hated the movie’s premise. In the movie, Madhavan sees Reema, falls in love with her at first sight (!!!), finds out that she is engaged, thinks it is okay to lie to her that he’s her fiancee (since she’s never seen the guy) and then takes advantage of her assumption by getting close to her and making himself indispensible such that she finally opts for him instead of her actual fiancee. It is ridiculous, and atrocious, if you ask me! What sort of love is that, which is based on a lie? And also, the movie never shows Reema getting fatally attracted to Madhavan. She trusts him because she thinks he is her fiancee and grows to love him primarily because she *has to*…never that she was instantly attracted to him or that she loved him because of what he did for her, or what he was as a person.

    So in all, I would say Minnale is more of a dangerous movie than Sillunu Oru Kadhal ;-)… but as Umesh says, let’s not worry too much about the messages a movie gives out… yes, although I do agree that there is some percentage of people who get affected by what movies depict, the majority of people have some discerning power and know when something shown by a movie is right/wrong… after all, everyone has their own individual opinions. So people who watch movies should use their own brain power to judge situations and form ideas, instead of blindly following what’s shown in cinema.

    And, I also do agree with you that film-makers should be responsible since they are dealing with a medium that has an immense reach into the masses, and should remember that their movies can influence (though not completely create/change) perceptions in society.

  14. Umesh: I had a heart-attack reading your comment… Shahrukh Khan, interested in other men’s girlfriends!!! 😀 😀

    Seriously though, that was an amazing observation, and strangely I never caught the pattern till you pointed it out. Now I understand why Shahrukh Khan is so devoted to his wife in real life… because he gets to act out his fantasies in movies 🙂

  15. can anyone tell me were i can get hello tunes for the song munbae vaa,,of JOK ,i have a doubt ,at present im using SPICE mobile from bangalore, is it possible for me to download these songs any were if it is not provided in the spice communication mytunes website,,pls let me know

  16. I love munbee vaa very, because of that voice of both, and lyrics exspecially my love SURYA’s song so i love very verymuch.

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  18. new york nagaram is a amazing song…….i love tis very much………….each & every line impreesed me a lot….compared to oter sng……

  19. new york nagaram is a amazing song…….i love tis very much………….each & every line impreesed me a lot….compared to oter sng……

  20. Please translate Munbe Vaa. Saw this song on you tube and fallen in love with it. May be the translation will help me fall out of love with it,…!!!!

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