Simple Joys of Life

Ever wondered about those simple pleasures of life that you probably didn’t give much importance to, but contributed to making the experience of your life pleasant and wonderful?

Ever realized how sometimes, very trivial and at times, even funny, experiences or probably some routine things you do, turn out to be that which uplifts your mind and soul from the problems and worries of daily life?

Today I thought of listing some of those experiences that were important to me – the simple joys of my life. (And no, this isn’t a forward I received, but I vaguely remember receiving something similar a long time ago :)). Here they are in random order – coming directly out of my memory:

  1. Enjoying the wind blowing in my face while travelling in an auto/bus – I deliberately remove the hairbands that keep my hair in place, because I love the sensation of the wind playing with my hair, and the strands dancing around 🙂
  2. Seeing a child laugh. Infact, anything associated with a child is adorable, except for potty ;). Their laughter is the most uncomplicated thing in this universe.
  3. Rain and all of its associated sensations.
  4. Vanilla Icecream. I love the texture of icecream, and vanilla is my fav flavour.
  5. Switching on the radio/to another radio channel, only to hear one of my favorite songs playing…
  6. Listening to music on the walkman/mobile, and dancing like crazy at home. At times, when I walk into my home in the evening, after the trip in the office bus, the earphones are plugged in, and there’s this amazing dance number playing on radio, I just go shake, prance and groove all around the rooms of my house. Yeaaaah 🙂
  7. Standing in a glass lift and peering through the glass with glee, while the lift moves up or down.
  8. Throwing my head back and laughing heartily after hearing a joke/anything witty.
  9. Hugging my cuddly n cute mum 🙂
  10. Watching TV till late on a Friday night…Its my way of rebellion 🙂 to compensate for the days I reluctantly drag myself into bed cos I have to go early to office.
  11. Going for long walks with a dear friend 🙂
  12. Taking a cool, refreshing bath (with sweet smelling soap) on a hot, sweltering, summer day.
  13. Floating, neck deep in water. As a child, I loved floating in a tub full of warm water, with soap bubbles all around me. In recent times, a place I enjoyed being soaked and floating in water, was Hoganekkal… and with me, was my friend – we just lay neck deep in water for hours, bobbing up and down and feeling the waves of the water course through us. It was amazing.
  14. The feeling of deja vu I get when I sense particular smells… I have always been able to associate many of my experiences, places and even people by smell – so much so that when I get a particular smell, I always have a sense of deja vu, and feel like I’ve been through it before.  It wasn’t till Balaji wrote about Synesthesia,that I realized what it may be :).
  15. Getting in touch with a long lost friend
  16. Cuddling in bed, wrapped in a blanket, on a cold wintry morning.
  17. Shopping for accessories – mainly junk jewellery 😀 – I am a total junkie when it comes to stuff that hangs on my wrists and ears… bells, chains, stars, tinkling things, stones, metal…you name it. I love looking around for quirky looking stuff that matches with my clothes.
  18. Discovering money (that’s been forgotten) in an old purse/jeans pocket. Ah! It makes me feel so rich in a moment :)…and sometimes, I purposely stash away some money somewhere for that experience of finding a treasure 🙂
  19. Coming home to a warm, lovely meal with the family… in my case, its with mum and dad.
  20. Getting a bouquet of red roses 😉
  21. Renting a video cd to watch on a lonely day
  22. Solving a particularly difficult puzzle. To this day, I feel the same thrill when I solve a complex problem at work, or even sudoku in the paper, as I used to feel when I was solving math (mainly algebra) problems in school. Its wonderful.
  23. Giving a compliment. I’m generally prone to blushing when I get a compliment – still don’t know how to deal with it :). However, I love giving compliments where they are needed. I’ve realized that it takes a very small effort to notice something extra special in a person. And contrary to popular thought, giving a compliment actually makes the giver feel much better than the one it is intended for… I think it brings about a connection between the humans: you feel appreciation/respect flowing out of it, and it is wonderful,… spiritually rejuvenating.
  24. Reading the Sunday newspaper,whilst drinking a hot cup of delicious tea. Its my favorite activity on a Sunday morning, and one of the most relaxing ones. In fact, tea features in a couple of my other favorite activities, and I love drinking tea at odd hours… way into the night :).
  25. Hearing an old song and being transported back into time. A lot of songs have that effect on me, and one I distinctly remember in terms of even the first time I heard the song, what I was doing, and what I felt, is Tere Dar Par Sanam from the movie Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi. To this day, when I hear the violin piece at the start of the song, I get transported to my room in Dammam, Saudi Arabia – on a cold winter evening in my bedroom, looking outside the balcony adjoining the room, while listening to this song for the first time on my walkman.
  26. The high of performing on stage. Dance is my passion.
  27. Seeing ducks/swans/lotuses in ponds. Often, as I’m travelling on a train to Kerala, once the picturesque locales of the Kerala countryside appear in the train windows, it isn’t uncommon to see ponds filled with pink and white lotus flowers. I also get to see ducks and swans paddling peacefully in the ponds, and I always wonder what lovely looking birds they are… so fluffy and cute… and clumsy, like me :).
  28. Going through old photo albums. Photo albums are the only way of holding time still. Which is why I like photography – because I think it is a way of bringing time to a stop and getting a slice of life in a picture… I have a lot of old family pictures at home, and in my school years, it was often a hobby (a very pleasing one at that :)) of mine to categorise the pictures and put them into different albums chronologically, or distinguished by the families they belonged to, or by events etc,to write labels for all the albums and arrange them neatly in a bag. Today, Flickr is the online equivalent of that for me.
  29. Poring over book titles in a library/book store, anxiously reading their summaries, biting my nails and wondering which one to rent / buy. I love reading books and it gives me great pleasure to curl up on a bed/couch with one and spend an entire evening reading it and musing dazedly on its contents.
  30. Watching my favorite TV shows – right now, its re-runs of Friends, Full House and Bigg Boss, to name a few.

Some list there, eh? I wasn’t planning on such a huge list when I started out, but as I started counting the pleasures of my life… one by one of them popped up on its own accord. Just goes to show that even though we may not know it, we would probably have many such wonderful things that make our lives so special, and make us blessed to be alive and kicking in this world!

23 thoughts on “Simple Joys of Life

  1. Nice list…
    #10 must be a ‘girl’ thing – Deepti does that all the time!
    #14 happens to me all the time. I thought it was just me, but now I feel better!
    gotta love the power of #15
    #28 is one of my favorite things to do as well. especially on trip back to my parent’s place – it’s fun to go over photos from your childhood and try to relive those moments.

    It’s amazing how it’s the little things in life that make us happy. You can have all the money and power in the world, but can still be unhappy as long as you don’t/can’t appreciate the little things.

  2. Personally for me your item 2 is the best feeling in the world.
    Potty is yucky(That’s what my 2 year old says!). But it’s funny to look at his face after the potty ( confused smily face asking us to clean him up ). Everything about a child is adorable.

  3. UmeshUnni:

    #10: Hehe :)… solidarity of women 😉
    #14: Oh wow… I feel better too 🙂
    #15: Yup. I just saw your “Finding Gold” post (written two months ago!) on the same topic. Its a gr8 feeling for sure, and I thank Orkut with all my heart.
    #28: Same as above… I’ve left a comment on your post btw.

    Great closing statement!

  4. Ram: I can almost imagine the way your son would look after the potty :)… the description was very cute!

    I haven’t been able to see your blog yet (since my office blocks blogspot sites) but I hope I will be able to see your fatherly wisdom on it :). You may be interested btw, in the blogs “The Outsider” and “Mama Says So”, available in my blogroll.

  5. three cheers to the first one… ! i have done that all my life.. and thought i was crazy coz people do it the other way round.. 🙂

    havent read the rest of the list … but i promise to keep it cummultive the next time.. 😉

  6. A very long and enjoyable list. 🙂
    Full house is my favorite one too. I like the little cute Michelle and her best friend Rosy. 🙂
    The sad thing is, with CAS implemented in Chennai, I miss it. 😦
    Also, I have been searching all malls to buy a doll like Rosy and have not found it yet. 😦

  7. Soup: Cheers to all the women in this world who aren’t afraid to let their hair down :D.

    Karthick: 😦 Sad that you cannot enjoy Full House in Chennai… I’ll search the malls over here too, and if I find one, will courier it to you 🙂

  8. Shikha – There is no single special person, I guess. There have been several persons, and each special in their own way.
    And yes, some people have become special by becoming integral part of ones lives.

  9. Hi Shikha,
    There is this interesting site that classifies personality types. I am not sure of how accurate they are. Taking the test is rather fun and reading the flattering descriptions at the end is nice. I had asked Emily to take the test. You can see her type description on her page. Would you care to take the test and post your results? the test is available at Human Metrics. I have been labelled INFP.

  10. Visitor: Your wish is my command :).

    It was certainly a coincidence btw, that the day after I actually take the test and ponder over the results, you ask me for the exact same thing! – which is what inspired me to put the results as an entire post. I saw Emily’s post too – hmmm, looks like we ENFJs are spewing out a lot on blogs.

    You’re an INFP? : “INFPs never seem to lose their sense of wonder. One might say they see life through rose-colored glasses. INFPs have the ability to see good in almost anyone or anything”, “Healer Idealists care deeply-indeed, passionately-about a few special persons or a favorite cause, and their fervent aim is to bring peace and integrity to their loved ones and the world.”

    Yup. That sounds very much like you 🙂

  11. I had replied to your comment aeons ago, but it has still not appeared 😦

    I will try to recall what I typed that day. *grinds teeth*

    Your wish is my command – Me honored 😀

    The following description of INFP seem to suit you better than me: 😀
    NFPs never seem to lose their sense of wonder. One might say they see life through rose-colored glasses.

    What say you?

  12. Visitor: Looks my spam filter is marking some(??) of your comments (wierd :-S) – could be related to your email id, but I’m not sure about that. I generally look up the filter list and go through all the new spam so that I don’t miss out any legitimate comments (like these)…but somehow I must have missed your earlier one :-(… will keep a more open eye from now on… *wiping your tears* :-).

    About the rose-colored glasses – yes, very much :-). Esp. in matters of love… where my glasses are probably much rosier than yours ;-). But then we are part of the same group anyway – “Idealists” (brought by the “NF” part of our classification) so I’m sure this trait comes from there 🙂

    Interestingly, when picking out shades, I inevitably get attracted to the pink/rose shaded ones :D. Never opt for gray shades.

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  14. Alex: Thanks for the comment! Short as it is, my incredibly sharp deducive powers conclude that you have been afflicted by the “orkut” disease…
    Hehe… okay, don’t worry. It’s nothing dangerous. Just that you end up having a penchant for typing smileys enclosed in square brackets. [;)]

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