Happy New Year!!

HappyNewYearWelcome 2007, and to all those of you, who’re reading this post, Happy New Year!!! :).

Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful, productive, thrilling and entertaining year ahead!!!

2007 promises to be an important year in my life… what with lots of professional and personal changes on the horizon. I don’t have any material/physically quantifiable resolutions yet, and generally never do, since I doubt my ability (*smirk*) to stick to them with a steadfast resolve.

Instead, (as is my practice), I do a mental review of my life in the past year, and wonder if there are any regrets / emotional burdens that I do not wish to carry into the new year, or any profound lessons that I’ve learnt. And while I analyze my actions / in-actions in a whole year, I also grade myself on how much of a better person I have become – sort of a soul analysis :).

I’ve realized over time that this activity is quite spiritually rewarding, because it keeps me rooted, gives me insights about myself, and provides a chance to correct, to repent and to move forward, as a person.

As part of the activity, I put forth for myself some behavioural resolutions – rather like a set of moral do’s and don’ts for me –  which I believe are important, and hope to practice everyday of my future life. And since this post is about New Year and resolutions, I thought of sharing some of these – in the hope that it will benefit one or more people out there, in their path of personal growth, re-discovery of happiness and peace, thereby making them better persons who truly embody the human spirit. And so *Drum roll*… here are my resolutions:

  1. Say “Thank you” (and be truly thankful) anytime you are in the receiving end of a service (however insignificant it may be): Of course, with very close friends/family, it is often not expected, and may be met with resistance/surprise. However, it is a good thing to practice saying “Thank you” because it goes a long way in instilling gratitude in you, and will ensure that you don’t take anything for granted.
  2. Take time to notice the wonderful aspects of the people you love, and the people who love you: Take a moment (or more) to wonder when was the last time you genuinely appreciated some aspect of (one or more) people close to you.
  3. Say “Sorry” with real feeling, instead of just as a word which is used to expect excuse for any kind of behavior or error. As much as possible, make sure you don’t get into situations where you may have to say “Sorry”.
  4. Stop encouraging thoughts of worry, hatred and fear in your mind: Thoughts have creative power, and negative thoughts can eat the life, the essence out of you – making you physically and mentally sick.
  5. Open your senses – your eyes, ears, nose, mind – wide enough to notice the beauty of the little things in this world: sunshine and rain, colors, clouds and a clear blue sky, sound of water, the warm ‘n cozy smell of home, a child’s smile, innocence and love.
  6. Stop saying “Yes” or “Maybe”, if what you really want to say is “No”.
  7. Stop donning masks / faking behaviour, just to be acceptable to some people: Be yourself. If they’re truly people you need to be around with, they’ll appreciate you for what you are, than what you project yourself to be.
  8. Be truthful to yourself: You maybe saying lies to the entire world, but please make sure you’re not lying to yourself. You’ll be happier if you are comfortable with yourself, and the whys of what you do, what you’ve done and what you’re going to do.
  9. Stop ignoring your instincts and your feelings: Often, there is a lot of wisdom hidden in them.
  10. Take the time to feel connected: to yourself, to people, to nature, to the world, and to the universe.  You’ll realize that there is a omnipresent, omniscient higher power that loves you.

Once again, Happy 2007 everybody!!! 🙂

P.S. Forgot to mention – my blog has got a new year present already btw :). It has registered over 10,000 hits, from the time I started it – which was June 2006. Yay!!! :D. Thank you everyone! – my heartfelt gratitude goes out to all the people who have read and are still reading, commented and are still commenting on this blog! I’m honored to have your virtual company!

15 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. CPRJChild: Well, I’d think the world is a good place to live in … after all, there exists such wonderful souls as you :). HNY!

    Kamal Anjelo: Hehe :). A Very Happy New Year to you too! Btw, I just had a peek at your blog, and looks like there are lots of interesting stuff (esp. the art) that I want to have a close look at. Good work. Will keep track!

  2. Shikha , Readers of this Blog like me accept your truthful Thank You and wish you a very wonderful year ahead 🙂 in 2007. BTW Your Resolutions can be summed up as “Be Genuine” . It is a pretty good resolution but hard to stick on , All the Best 🙂

  3. Umesh: Happy New Year to you too!

    Nariyal Chutney: Must say that you got my complete attention with that name of yours :). Thank you for the comment! I had a peek at your blog, and had a good laugh with a couple of entries… am hoping to read more of them in future :). All the Best to you too!

  4. Hey Shikha, save me from your spam filter 🙂 I’m trying to use a different name to check if this will let me through… Cribananda

  5. Cribananda: Wish I could say “Ye have been saved!” … but I am not able to find out what I should do to stop Akismet from swallowing your comments, apart from de-spamming them, and hoping Akismet will learn a good lesson (*Spank* you, you bad little software!).

    For now though, please rest peacefully in the knowledge that I’m checking my spam section everytime I log in, so I’ll rescue your comments as soon as I see them there :).

    Oh, and thank you, and wish you the very same!! 🙂

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