Lyrical Love – Part II

Psyche revived by the kiss of love... 

It’s nostalgia season now, since I’m briefly separated from the land I love. As I listen to songs at work, the sweet strains, bells and percussion of the music takes me into a land of my dreams… a world, a piece of which, I’d like to share with you all, right here, right now. As ever, my obsession is still Love.

So here’s another iteration of Lyrical Love. Enjoy! 🙂

1) Theeram ThedumoLam (Vandanam – Malayalam)

This is one of my ever-favorite songs in Malayalam. One that brings me visions of the green fields, the silvery green water in the ponds and the warmth of the traditional, Hindu ancestral homes in Kerala. Theeram thedumoLam is from the malayalam movie Vandanam, which is set in Bangalore. Strangely, my visions are quite different from those shown in the actual movie visuals – and yeah, I have a reason for the contradiction :).

The first time I heard the song, when I was in the 6th or so, was in Kerala during my summer vacations. The thrill of being in the beautiful natural environment, with my family around, coupled with adolescence and romance slowly creeping into my being, was like magic. I and my cousin sister (a year older than me) – more best friends than relatives – were in a world of our own… secrets, mystery, music and the first set of cupid’s arrows being pierced through our childlike hearts. Listening and humming the songs around, playing secret games with each other and discussing movies, our first crushes and our awakening to the beauty – of the world and people, around us.

Today when I hear this song, I still feel my heart tugging with the same emotions…Innocence is bliss, Love is divine.

Here is the lyrics of the song… sung by M. G. Sreekumar and Sujatha, written by Shibu Chakravarthy and set to tune by Ouseppachchan. Spare some time to listen to the song whenever possible.

Dheem thana nana nana nagruthanithom,
Dhirana dhirana nana nagruthanithom.

Theeram thedumoLam premageethangal thannu
EeNam cherthu njaan innonnu kaadhil paranju

Ee raavil nee enne thottu thottunarthi
MinnumkuligaLil LaaLikkum
Njan oru chithra vipanjikayaay…


Pon thaazham poonkaavukaLil,
Thannaalaadum poongaatte,
Innaa thirayude thirumuttam
Thoothu thalikkaan nee varumo

Mungi kuLi kazhinjeththiya pennin
Mudiyil choodaan poo tharumo…


Venn thaaram poo mizhi chimmi,
Mandam mandam maayumbol
Innee purayil poomanjam,
Ninne urakkaan njaan virikkum

Swapnam kandoru poovirimaaRin,
Pushpathalaththiyil, njan urangum


[Female & Male]

2) Un Samayal Arayil (Dhill – Tamil)

This is a crazy song indeed :). When I heard it the first time, I wondered what the lyricist was thinking of… But over time, and with the proper translation of the lyrics, it occurred to me how much the simplest of lyrics can hit you in the softest spots :). See the lyrics below- I’ve given the translation alongwith each line, since it makes much more sense that way… The song is tuned beautifully by Vidyasagar, worded by Kabilan and sung by Unnikrishnan and Sujatha.

Un samayal arayil, naan uppa sakkaraiya? (In your kitchen, am I the salt or the sugar?)

Nee padikkum arayil, naan kangalaa pusthakamaa? (In your study, am I the eyes or the book?)

Nee viraLkal enraal, naan nagama modirama? (If you are fingers, am I the nails or the ring?)

Aaa, nee idalkal enraal, naan mutthama punnakayaa? (If you are lips, am I a kiss or a smile?)

Nee azhagu enraal, naan kaviya oviyana? (If you are beauty, am I a poet or a sculptor?)

Un samayal arayil…


Naan vekkam enraal, nee sivappa kannankala? (If I am shyness, are you the reddishness or the cheeks?)

Naan theendal enraal, nee viralaa sparisangala? (If I am the touch, are you the fingers or the sensation of it?)

Nee kuzhanthai enraal, naan thottilla thalaatta? (If you are a child, am I the cradle or the lullaby?)

Nee thookkam enraal, naan madiya thalaiyana? (If you are sleep, am I the lap or a pillow?)

Naan idhayam enraal, nee uyira thudi-thudippaa (If I am a heart, are you the life, or the heartbeat?)

Un samayal arayil…

Nee vithaikal enraal, naan vEra viLainilamaa? (If you are seeds, am I the root or the fertile land?)

Nee virunthu enraal, naan pasiya rusiya? (If you are a feast, am I hunger or taste?)

Nee kaïdi enraal, naan siraiya dhandanaiya? (If you are a prisoner,am I the jail or the punishment?)

Nee mozhigal enraal, naan tamizha osaigalaa? (If you are language, am I Tamil or the sound?)

Nee puthuvai enraal, naan bharathiya bharathithasana? (If you are Puthuvai (Puducheri), am I Bharathi or Bharathidasan?)


Nee thanimai enraal, naan thunaiya dooratthila? (If you are solitude, am I your company, or far away from you?)

Nee thunaithaan enraal, naan pesava yosikkava? (If you are my company, should I speak or think?)

Nee thirumbi ninraal, naan nikkava poyvidavaa? (If you have your back turned to me, should I stay or go away?)

Aa…Nee pokiraay enraal, naan azhaikkava azhuthidavaa? (If you go away, should I call out to you, or cry?)

Nee kadhal enraal naan sariya thavara? (In your (if you are) love, am I right are wrong?)

Un valathu kayyil paththu viral (On your right hand, there are ten fingers)
En idathu kayyil paththu viral (On my left hand, there are ten fingers)

Dooraththu megham, thooralkal sintha,
Theertha mazhayil, thee kulippoo…

(The far-away clouds, start a drizzle
We will be immolate ourselves in the rain…)

3) Kya Mujhe Pyaar He (Woh Lamhe – Hindi)

One of the recent songs that have caught my fancy. Kya Mujhe Pyaar He from the movie Woh Lamhe, has two versions – a slow one and the remix: The slow version is the one to listen to, although the remix is pretty racy and can get your feet tapping, and your body breaking out into a jig. Pritam’s music, lyrics by Neelesh Misra and sung by Kay Kay. The slow song begins with guitar strings, a slow chorus and within a second, you’re caught, blinded, trapped. Kay Kay’s voice sounds like steel, cutting across your sensations with his unwavering rendition of “Kya mujhe pyaar he, aisa khumaar he”. I cannot desist from mentioning the the song is another of Pritam’s blatant lifts (of the track Tak Bisakah by the Indonesian rock band Peterpan), but its hard to ignore its wonderful music and worse :), its lyrics… Just the song to express the first sensations of love for a person. With this song, love is no longer a soft feather wafting across your face. It is like being under a waterfall, falling in sheets, pricking like needles, bringing with it, a cold thrill inside your body and soaring your senses to newer heights.

Read further for the lyrics. I will try to put up a translation when I have time, later.

Kyoon aaj kal, neend kam, khwaab zyaada hai
Lagtha khuda ka koi nEk iraada hai
Kal tha faqir aaj dil shehzaada hai
Lagtha khuda ka koi nEk iraada hai

Kya mujhe pyar hai… ya..
Aisa khumaar hai…                           (2)

Paththar ke in raston pe, phoolon ki ik chaadar hai
Jabse mile ho humko, badla har ik manzar hai

Dekho jahaan main neele neele aasmaan thale
Rang naye naye hain jaise ghulte hue
Soye se khwaab mere jaage tere waasthe
Tere khayaalon se hain bheege mere raasthe

Kya mujhe pyar hai… ya..
Aisa khumaar hai…                           (2)

Tum kyun chale aate ho, har roz in khwaabon main
Chupke se aa bhi jao ek din meri baahon main

Tere hi sapne andheron main ujaalon main
Koi nasha hai teri aankhon ke pyaalon main
Tu mere khwaabon main, jawaabon main, sawaalon main
Har din chura tumhe main laatha hoon khayaalon main

Kya mujhe pyar hai… ya..
Aisa khumaar hai…                           (2)

59 thoughts on “Lyrical Love – Part II

  1. Neelesh Misra: Oh Wow! I wouldn’t have ever imagined a response from the lyricist himself! Thanks for stopping by and the comment 🙂

    I read up a bit about you (including the IndiaGlitz article – the link of which I’ve given in the post now), and was amazed to see that you’ve penned the lyrics for some of my fav songs in Jism, Gangster and Holiday!

    Way to go! Please continue writing those wonderful lyrics…I’m sure there are many more fans of yours out there waiting for your poetic expressions 🙂

  2. Theeram ThedumoLam is one of my favourite songs too. i heard the song for the first time in the Thomsun Chalachitra Ganangal quaterly Vdo when i was in Abu Dhabi. Coz of that reason the song has got some nostalgic values. Never considered it as a romantic song though.

  3. Can you elaborate about the part where you mention kya mujhe pyaar hai is a blatant lift. I really like the song I thought it was a true original.


  4. Umesh: Ah… the Thomsun Chalachitra Ganangal… it planted the foundations of my obsession in the magic land of the silver screen 🙂

    Akash: I’ve added it in the post now – Pritam has lifted almost the entire tune from the track Tak Bisakah from the Indonesian band Peterpan. Many of Pritam’s other popular songs like Ya Ali are also lifts btw.

  5. Akash: I rely on the most powerful weapon in the virtual world : Google ;). Just hit a search with the right keywords, and all the information you want is in front of your eyes 😀

  6. Shikha: Hehe. When I first glanced at the comment, I wondered why I didn’t remember commenting a second time :D…so I added my surname too, so that I don’t get any more queries about being one person with two virtual identities!

    Good to know that you like Vandanam too btw! As I said to a friend, the only part I don’t like in Vandanam is the sad ending. I hate to see lovers go different ways in the climax of films, and till today whenever I see Vandanam, I make sure I switch off the tv when its comes to the scene where they split and go in different cars.

  7. Wow , Is it the real lyricist ? . Not only Theeram Thedumolam For that matter most songs in vandanam and Chitram which also came in the same era are too good [:)]. Always thought that ths song fits in and touches the audience when it really jels well with the movie . Belatted International Womens Day to you [:)]

  8. ah..I think we appreciate our songs more we stay away from home..esp in a foreign land..It is one of the few things that links us back home…

  9. Hiya Shikha!
    Looong time no? And you are back at what you do best (write about lyrical love – 😉 LOL). Honestly I didn’t get around to reading it till today – my prejudice.

    Actually a very good piece of writing, reminded me of my earliest crush in school, it was on a classmate of mine when I was in the 4th standard! I guess that even now those feelings are ‘ fresh'(?) in my mind and I would’ve probably given that much cherished unsent card to my first crush. Let me not kill the romance in my feeling by saying that the human mind tends to embellish nostalgic memories. 😀

    And talking of lyrical love, there is a song that affects me quite deeply in the romantic sense, though I dont know (understand) a single word of the lyrics – the song is Pehla nasha, pehla …. Is it a romantic song? If it is, where does that song rate on your scale?

    Cheers and have a nice time 🙂

  10. Hi shikha,
    Came across this clip from a blog – apparently it is ARR’s composition. There are traces of music (around 3.20 mins into the song.) that are found in NYN of JOK – Look here
    Incidently do visit Marutham‘s soundclick site where she has stored her renditions. Try Thenpandi CHeemayile. Please do leave a comment on her music (well, I don’t have to tell you that 😛 ).

  11. Whew. What a load of comments to reply to … *Feeling nice* 😉

    Thenga chammanthi… oops :). I mean NC: Yeah, I had the same feeling when I saw his comment first :). Guess, our blogs reach farther than we expect.

    Chithram is another of my ever-favorite movies… and the other one (other than Vandanam I mean) to transport me into nostalgia land :)… times I spent in verdant Kerala, hopping along paadams with my cousin. Ah. That was life. Paadam Pooththakaalam, Eeran Megham are on my ultimate fav list.

    Thank you for the wishes 🙂

  12. Mathai: Very true :). I spent 11 years of my childhood outside India and Kerala, and its warped me for life :)… I can’t think of settling anywhere else but in India. I’m addicted.

    Songs are a big way to reconnect, not just with our homeland, but also with life itself. Music really has a spiritual reach – can resonate with the core of your existence…making you remember bygone times, vividly experiencing/re-living them.

    Right now, btw, I’m listening to an older favorite – “Thannanam Thaanannam” from the film Yathra. Wonder how many of you have heard it…I remember singing this in school – for a couple of fests. I was in the 4th I think :). And to this day, I can remember even the teacher who taught me the words painstakingly!

  13. Death: Hmmm… that profile name really makes me wonder. As soon as I saw your comment, I ran to your blog expecting a black background and images of death splashed all over [yeah, I have an imaginative mind ;)].

    Thankfully, your “death” tag seems to be restricted only to black *Love* (something I would never have qualified with that adjective). The poems are thought-provoking… though I wish there were more of them :)..

    Anyway, a long reply to your tiny comment :D… Thanks, and keep coming!

  14. Visitor: Where do I begin replying … 😀

    Well, first of all, if you’re wondering why there’s been so much of a delay in replying… would it suffice if I say I was out travelling … to the Land of Romance, and dreams – Paris 🙂 [I fully expect you to come up with french dialogue now – you being the multilingual expert! :D]… and yeah, there’ll be a post on my exploits soon.

    “the human mind tends to embellish nostalgic memories”: Hehe… Well, it is precisely this capability to feel so deeply that I think is the biggest pleasures of being a human :).

    Ah… pehla nasha! *Flying Kiss*.. from me to you, for mentioning this classic. Don’t think there’ll be many boys/girls in my generation who’ve not had their hearts swooning after hearing this song. It is the ultimate in first love :).

    The gentle tinkle of the bells, the wispy strains of Sadhna sargam, the lilt in Udit’s voice, Jatin-Lalit’s sweet melodies, Majrooh Sultanpuri’s poetic pen,and the images of the fresh girl-next-door Ayesha Jhulka, falling in love with the boyish charm of Aamir Khan in the movie Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar…Pehla Nasha is pure magic.

    I will post the lyrics asap on the song lyrics page, *with the translations* so that you need not ponder in ignorance any longer 🙂

  15. Visitor: Btw, I know enough of Tamil characters to be able to read your name in Tamil 🙂

    Those links are real good ones… looks like you’re back to doing what you do best – discovery of wonderful blogs :). Didn’t get time to sit down and listen, but will do that soon. And of course, do you think I can be stopped from commenting 😉

    On the subject of Twitter: Hehe. After I read the post, I was going to say that it looks like something that would poke a friend of mine who’s become a twitter addict (and the one who referred me to twitter too) – Umesh, that is. But instinct forced me to just search the comments section for his name, and voila! Found his comment standing up for his twitter affection :D.

    @Ooomz: I knew that you wouldn’t be able to resist commenting on this one… hehehe…

    Back to my opinion about twitter – well, I don’t think its going to fade out so soon – because its after all a networking tool, and somehow, human beings are usually always concerned about what the other one is doing, more than the self :D. It seems like a nice place to keep in touch with friends, or rather, keep your friends in touch with the happenings of your life. As with blogging, there will be the tired-of-it phase, and only those who recover from the phase will stick to it.

    Btw, after the numerous articles about the ill-effects of orkut in the Times of India, I’ve become a little suspicious of all such negative publicity campaigns. As they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity. The negative post will probably end up get twitter more net-traffic than actually dissuade people from its usage :).

  16. Thanks for the comments. I was daily visiting your page (as you’d have found out) to look for your replies. 🙂
    Glad you like “Pehla nashaa” – looking forward to the translation (so there’s nothing multilingual about me). Somehow, orkut never caught my fancy, neither will twitter, I think. Blogging is different – it gives one scope to express oneself and also to communicate. Though networking isn’t the primary aim of blogging, that is a useful by-product.

  17. I dont know if this is the right place to discuss about twitter. This is all about Shikha’s Lyrical Love. Anyways when i read the post, the first thing which came to my mind was my declaration as a kid “I dont like vendakka (ladies finger) and i think the whole world hates it and the vegetable is going to vanish from earth”. Check out this comment on the post.

    @ Visitor – “Blogging is different – it gives one scope to express oneself and also to communicate.” I thought thats what exactly Twitter is all about.

    Shikha – Sorry to divert from the subject of your post. I’m done.

  18. @ Umesh,
    Quite a coincidence. Today morning I read this post of yours and wanted to say the same thing to you.
    That is blogging provides whatever twitter offers (Expressing oneself, networking / communication). I haven’t analysed twitter in detail, to take a definitive stand on its use.
    Blogging permits me to be either
    as a known person in the real world,
    or as an anonymous blog persona.
    I am so obsessed with this anonymity, that twitter seems (to me) to be an open book, open for anyone to read. It seems like an intrusion on my privacy.
    I am not sure why you say that blog posts have to be necessarily long – I have seen posts that are just one line long.
    The thing I like about blogger is that it helps you ‘discover’ new friends on the Web. It allows one to establish friendship based on mutual interests etc. In fact, most, if not all, of the bloggers with whom I communicate through posts and comments are persons whom I met in blogosphere, of whose real world identity I know little or nothing about.

    From a superficial reading of Thoughts on twitter, its light-weight nature and non-synchronous communication is emphasised. That may be true. Then I would classify it as a kind of archived IM.
    Its entire purpose would be communication to a select group, so what it achieves is more of communication.
    Whereas blogging (my own take) is not just communication, it is used as a medium for expression too.
    Of course, maybe both can be used interchangeably, the user deciding what (s)he wants to use it for.

    Just some of my thoughts. Maybe if I try twitter I might become a twitter addict. I remember in the early days of email, i used to literally chat using email. LOL.

  19. Shikha,
    Glad to see one of my favorite songs Un Samayalarayil in your list of lyrical love. 🙂 Last week was speaking with a friend at office and was explaining him the difference between enjoying music and enjoying the music blended with good lyrics. Will refer this post to him. By the way, if Kabilan wrote this song some time around now, may have included this line.

    ” Nee Blog enraal, Naan Postaa Comment aa ” 😛

    And I have a few corrections with the translations. Here they are.

    Nee vithaikal enraal, naan vEra viLainilamaa? (If you are a plant, am I the roots or the soil?)

    Vithaikal means seeds. Vilainilam means fertile land. So the perfect translation should be

    If you are seeds, Am I the root or fertile land?

    Nee pothuvai enraal, naan bharathiya bharathithasana? (If you are literature, am I Bharathi or Bharathidasan?)

    It is Puthuvai and not Pothuvai. Puthuvai, Pondy,Pondycherry are alias names for the state Puducheri. It is where both the revoultionary poets Bharathi and BharathiDaasan hailed from. So, the correct lyrics and translation should be

    Nee pthuvai enraal, naan bharathiya bharathithasana? If you are Puthuvai, Am I Bharathi or Bharathidaasan?

    Dooraththu megham, thooralkal sinthu,
    Theertha mazhayil, thee kulippoo…
    (The clouds stand far-away, starting a rain
    And we will be drenched in this rain of fire…)

    It is sintha and not sinthu. the translation is

    The far away clouds, starts drizzling. We will immolate ourselves in the rain.


  20. Just now asked the question
    ” Nee Blog enraal, Naan Postaa Comment aa ? ” and she says post. When asked for justification, she said
    only if there is a post there will be a comment. No post, no comment. 🙂 Now I understand why all my friends are intelligent. 😉

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  22. Visitor: Well,Hindi seems to be the only one missing 😉

    Orkut – well, its given me something I never thought possible till about a year ago – contact with all of my school friends, college friends, ex-colleagues, relatives and the list goes on. Its been an incredible experience- the number of people on orkut actually. As someone said – even your neighbour’s dog can be found on orkut. Its been an extremely moving experience, because I never fathomed that I would be renewing contacts with even the girl who sat next to me in second standard :).. Went on many trips down memory lane after getting onto orkut. And its an easier communication mechanism for a person like me who tends to go into pages and pages with emails :), and hence always sends mails late. With orkut, I try to restrict my scraps to a couple of lines, and direct them to more people, more often… thereby satisfying more of my friends than I’ve ever done before 😀

    Twitter: its interesting for me so far. I just post whenever I feel bored and the need to say something, but don’t know whom to direct it at, and cannot write a complete post in the blog. It also has helped in filling timesheets at work :), since my twitter update sometimes sounds like my ToDo list at work hehe. So that’s the interesting by-product of twitter.

  23. Ooomz: You’ve turned my lyrical love into a “twitter”ing ground… hehe.
    Yeah, I should be twittering, but right now, I’m too busy replying to comments about twitter!!
    I loved the vendakka analogy :D. I had a similar one for vazhuthananga (eggplant).

    I’m sort of confused which one of you I should be replying to, and whether my reply makes any sense ;)..since I seem to have a more neutral approach on twitter.

    My thoughts on twitter re-iterated:
    1) Its good as a keep-in-touch tool – when you are not an anonymous person on the net, and have specific people you are targetting. I don’t think people who don’t know me should be really interested in what drink I’m having at a particular time :). I have got friend requests from strangers, but don’t know why they bother adding me.
    2) I generally use twitter when
    a. I don’t have anything concrete to say via a blog post…maybe there’s an interesting happening I wish to share with people who read my twittering
    b. I have nothing to say to a particular person, but just an expression of how I’m feeling
    c. I’m feeling tired/dispirited and want to do something else other than work/mailing.
    d. I want to know what others (like Ooomz) are doing at a particular moment. It has its advantages you know 😉
    e. People reading my blog can know what I’m doing, if they want to . WordPress doesn’t allow me to embed the twitter script into the webpage.. but tblog does. Either ways, the links are available.

    That just about sums it up. I am thinking of getting my mum a twitter account, since she keeps worrying about what I’m doing at a particular time…hehe. But then, she would inevitably say “If you have so much time to update your twitter status, how come you keep saying you’re too busy to write a detailed mail”. Its sure to open a pandora’s box 😀

  24. Visitor: Gosh. I just read your exchange with Umesh on whitespace… Seems to have been a spirited discussion. Well, it does end on a nicely positive note for me – finding you on twitter that is :). That means I can flood you with inane nitty gritties of my daily life… Yay! Hehe.

    Now don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you 😉

    Btw, now I’m confused again. Should I be replying to this comment on my blog or on whitespace… hehe :D. The end result of too much networking, this.

  25. Karthick: Oh! You like Un Samayarayil too? That’s great :). I was wondering if no one likes it since none of the comments mentioned the song… until you came by.

    ” Nee Blog enraal, Naan Postaa Comment aa ”: Hilarious !! Hehe … With all the blogging, orkutting, twittering discussions going around, I’m tempted to come up with a poor joke version of this around similar themes. Will desist for now though 😉

    Vithaikal and Vilainilam: *Slapping my forehead*. How could I have missed this one! It means something similar in Malayalam too! I sort of searched for it in google and it told me plant,… so I used it instead of seeds.

    Puthuvai: This is news to me. Had no idea at all about the name for Pondicherry 🙂

    As for the last bit, I knew I was pushing a little too far …hehe. I kept thinking what it would mean, and finally wrote that out of an assumption. My assumption was topsy turvy! Thanks a lot for the corrections! Yikes, the original ones seem scandalous to me now :D…*Flying kiss to you too* my dear! Will update the blog …

  26. Karthick: Friend eh… You meant “Friendie” (hope you understand this one :)) of course ;)… And yeah, that was an intelligent reply. Tell her she rocks 🙂

  27. Haha! My “Friendie” is married! 😉 And by the way, I created different play lists for different moods in my IPod and this song was placed under love songs. last week, was on my way to office and was waiting to board train at the local railway station and had chance to hear this song. I was so much involved with it that started to walk the way Vikram and Laila do in the water falls. 😛 As always, there were a few weird glances which I did not pay attention to. 😛
    You mentioned about flying kiss , makes me laugh. Enjoyed that video for hours. 😛

  28. @Akash & Shikha

    Interested in knowing which song was lifted by whom & from where… just follow this link… I m sure u will be shocked….

    & off course Pritam now tops thie list in contemporary music directors…. quite soon he is going to outdo anu malik….

    The only thing that gave me some consolation in this list was that my fav A R Rahman has not taken any tune from anywhere… all his tunes were originals except few very small music pieces in between (which I think mainly is the work of music arranger)…

    Hope you will like this link

  29. It takes an awful amount of hard work listing each songs to its correct credentials. I appreciate the hard work tho I admit I too much of an pacifist in indulge in a meaningful debate as of now !!!

    keep writing !!!

    The Avenger !!!

  30. Amit: Thanks for the tidbits, and the site link. That one is definitely a highly-recommend candidate, for music lovers! Wl put up the link on the blog.

    The Avenger!!!: Cool name…hehe. I wonder who you were referring to when you said hard work… I am only doing that which I love, so I’m sure its not me ;). Keep dropping by!

  31. Wow! Just saw your flickr snaps . Congratulations . Wish you a happy and blissful married life 🙂 . May be now you should change the “Lonely” part from the name of the blog 😛

  32. NC: Thank you, thank you :D… hehe. Won’t change the blog name but yeah – not so lonely anymore ;). Was catchin up with your blog the other day – looks like a cancerian out there has a traditional Christian Mallu marriage lined up for him sometime soon 😛

  33. Also this one must have been inspired by the Kannadasan’s song ‘ithu irava, pagalaa ? nee nilavaa, kathiraa?’ sung by Jayachandran & Vanijayaram. The situation is, a blind girl asking questions to her lover and he answers her by throwing similar questions. If you haven’t heard it already, I would recommend that.

  34. Hi Shikha,

    I read your kind words about Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai lyrics again today and thought they were a stunningly undeserving description. Thank you once again. If it is of interest, I shall update more about my work, and random writings, on my just-created blog

    Neelesh Misra

  35. Raj: Now how did I miss those comments! Yeah, the song is in a genre of its own. So simple, and yet so … what is the word for it … *whole*.

    I haven’t heard the other song – but it sounds very interesting from the description. Will see if I can get it somewhere.

  36. Neelesh: Thank you for coming back here again!

    As for the description, I don’t think they were at all undeserved – it is just that you are hugely modest 🙂

    Poetry (and for me, love) is in the simplicity and the capability to paint on the canvas of the mind… which your creative talent does most effectively 🙂 – so please keep up the wonderful work.

    I have added your blog to my blogroll … Will definitely be a regular there 🙂

  37. I hate Pritam for copying Peterpan’s works (Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai copied from Tak Bisakah and Aao Milo Chale copied from Di Belakangku).
    But I like the lyrics of Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai (I read the english translation somewhere). It’s beaauuutiful.

  38. Peterpanband: Well, hate is too strong a word. But yes, I don’t think it is ethical to copy works and not give due credit – Pritam needs to understand what propriety means. Sadly he seems unfazed even though everyone knows and broadcasts that his works are not original.

  39. shikha, maybe the word “hate” I used there (abt my feeling toward Pritam) sounds too strong and harsh for you, but for me it’s not. It’s understandable for me because I love Peterpan band so much, I feel something is missing if I don’t hear their song at least once a day. In fact, I can listen to Peterpan’s songs all day long without getting bored.
    It came as a shock for me to know a person like Pritam who dare to copy their songs without giving any credit. I know a Chinese-Malaysian musician who made an English version of one of Peterpan hit songs for his rock band, but at least that Malaysian guy did all the copying process legally (Too bad that his English version sucks big time compared to the original Peterpan’s number).

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