Tagged again!

*Satisfied sigh*…Yet another tag to feed my narcissistic obsessions (oh, how I love talking about myself!!). This time it’s 30 questions long!

  1. Last Movie You Saw In A Theater:
    Bhoothnath. It was my mother’s day treat to my mum – she’s seeing a movie in a theater after 2 years!! Gosh. Does not speak volumes about my generosity but in my defense, I have suggested movie-escapades numerous times, only to be turned down by her with the response that we should snuggle at home with a dvd. We both loved the movie. And it was a bigger treat to see my mum giggling at the gawky irascible ghost who’d started doubting his own ghostly abilities after having met his match in a razor-sharp kid. There were some cliched emotions and a tad too many songs I’d wished the director had left out of this movie but nevertheless, this is recommended for all of you who still have the child within alive and  kicking!!
  2. What Book Are You Reading?
    Re-reading “Conversations with God – Part II” by Neale Donald Walsch. (This is life-changing material)
  3. Favorite Board Game:
    (Political) Games played during board meetings :P. Highly entertaining… *Wicked chuckle* 🙂
  4. Favorite Magazine:
    Been ages since I’ve read any of the regular magazines. The ones I’ve been reading regularly these days are in-flight magazines *smirk*.
  5. Favorite Smells:
    The smell of rain on earth. Warm smell of a hug. Smell of hot tea on a cold evening. Jasmine flowers. Freshly baked croissants. Babies (except when they’ve pottied :)). Countless other smells that remind me constantly what a pleasure it is to be alive.
  6. Favorite Sound:
    Pitter patter of rain, on a window sill/roof. The delighted gurgle of an infant.
    The sleepy baritone murmurs of my husband on the phone when I have just woken him up with my call 😉
    The sound of a flute, a mridangam, a ghunghroo…
  7. Worst Feeling In The World:
  8. What Is The First Thing You Think Of When You Wake?
    *Squirm* 5 more minutes, please, please… *sets alarm to snooze*
  9. Favorite Fast Food Place:
    Don’t particularly crave “fast-food”. I prefer good food served in a luxurious, candle-light, wine-dine setting ;-).
  10. Future Child’s Name:
    My teen-diary has about 150 children names, penned laboriously by me for the naming needs of my entire battalion of cousins. There were a few names out of the lot that I never shared however. Those were my favorites; the ones I’d kept to decide upon when I had a child of my own someday.
    Now if you think I am going to list them here, you’ve got another thing coming mister!
  11. Finish This Statement. “If I Had A Lot of Money I’d…”
    Pay my MBA course fee, elaborately furnish our new apartment (with expensive designer stuff) and fund hubby n me for a romantic trip around Europe.
    (Ah. What lovely and pleasant visions… oh wait. This was just a rhetorical question, not reality! *Pouting in self-pity* :()
  12. Do You Drive Fast?
    I hope to be out on the roads as a significant threat to public health very soon. And I think I can achieve enough danger without even attempting speed-driving.
  13. Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?
    I do NOT like stuffed animals. I did have a stuffed Koala Bear as a child – someone gifted it to me – but I kept him in a showcase, preferring to sleep on my own :). Now of course, I have a non-stuffed, non-animal cuddly alternative 😉
  14. Storms-Cool or Scary?
    Cool when I kick up the storm. Scary when my hubby does the honours…hehe.
  15. What Was Your First Car?
    I don’t have a car yet. I am about to buy one soon, but I’m on the lookout for something that can survive lots of damage… one that isn’t pretty :).
  16. Favourite drink?
    Fruit Smoothies! (Recently was pretty impressed by a banana-strawberry combo)
    Mango milkshakes (I have wonderful memories of many a milkshake guzzled down on rainy afternoons…*smacking lips*)
  17. Finish This Statement, “If I Had The Time I Would …..”
    I’m striving to be independent of time from now on. No more driving myself up a wall, counting the minutes left on my  watch. This is a new mantra of mine – “I have all that I want, just need to re-prioritize and live each moment fully”.
  18. Do You Eat The Stems On Broccoli?
    I don’t like wasting food, so yes, I do eat the stems; But only if I choose to eat broccoli at all 🙂
  19. If You Could Dye Your Hair Any Color, What Would Be Your Choice?
    Blonde and burgundy streaks for sure!!
  20. Name All The Different Cities/Towns You Have Lived In.
    The main ones in chronological order: Anand-Gujarat (born, and kindergarten years), Dammam-KSA (schooling), Cochin-Kerala (college), Bangalore-Karnataka (work), Erlangen-Germany (work again), Sharjah-UAE (my hubby’s there!).
  21. Favorite Sports To Watch:
    With the luxury the TV has become these days for me, I simply have more things to watch than sports. But otherwise, I do like  tennis, pool and cricket. And since my hubby is a football fanatic, I am trying to get better acquainted with that too in a bid to avoid “remote-control” fights. *Screws up eyes indicating concentrated thought*.
  22. One Nice Thing About The Person Who Sent This To You:
    Is being a fraud mallu, named after a popular accompaniment to south indian breakfast foods, a nice thing?
    Well, a bachelor boy (though not for long probably) he’s extremely talented at penning humorous conversations and satirical notes (specially about mallu eccentricities :)). NC: thank you for the tag!
  23. What’s Under Your Bed?
    Would like to say bhoothnath, but its probably dustnath for now 😦
  24. Would You Like To Be Born As Yourself Again?
    The answer to this question would depend on what is meant by “yourself”. I believe that the soul lives forever, so definitely, it will be me who’s back :). However, I have lived a good life as this persona, and more than wanting to be the same again, I would want to be surrounded by the people I love in this life… whenever and whoever I am born as again.
  25. Morning Person or Night Owl?
    Owl, for sure. My energy peaks after 8 p.m. (*psst*… secretly: people report that I’m much more inclined to bounce about and giggle after this crucial hour ;)). However sunny-spirited a person I am otherwise, the morning sun sees me as the worst grouch on the planet – Waking up in the mornings is the biggest test for my willpower.
  26. Over Easy Or Sunny Side Up?
    Sunny side up ( I hope! )
  27. Favorite Place To Relax:
    I am generally a person who can relax anywhere as long as I’m tuned into my ipod. But my most favorite place is a beautiful hammock, at the Taj Coral Reef, Maldives beach – tied just outside my honeymoon beach villa. One could lay there under the shade of trees, listening to the waves of the sea 10 feet away, hear the birds chirping and never know what time meant. And to have your love next to you in such a place is … bliss 🙂
  28. Favorite Pie:
    Apple crumble.
  29. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
    The king of all flavours – Vanilla.
  30. Of all The People You Tagged This To, Who’s Most Likely To Respond First?
    I pass this onto the following hapless victims *Evil laugh* ;): Ooomz, Karthick, Raman Sir and Sawani.

18 thoughts on “Tagged again!

  1. Raman Sir: I rushed to your blog wondering how you could have possibly posted answers to all 30 questions in a record time… ahem. Well, I can wait but I’m hoping that you stick to the me first thing then 😉

  2. haa…you could always visit germany again and go on that romantic road route from wurzburg!!

    Mango milks shakes and vanilla ice creams are my favourites too.. 🙂

    I love reading tags.but i dont know why!!

  3. Mathew: And I did exactly that… just a couple of weeks ago! Was there in Germany on work and one weekend I went to Bamberg on the romantic route. It was beeeaaautiful *dreamy smile* :). Was thinking of posting the pics on the blog…will do that soon.

    And you know what? I LOVE reading tags too. Probably its the quaintness of each person that comes through their individual expressions, or the feeling of getting to know them personally, or just even the same pleasure that you get when your peers fill your scrap books answering all the random questions (your ambition, what do you think about me.. etc) during school/college farewell…. that makes this so endearing. Tags are truly special.

  4. NC: Well, best of luck for staying that way 😉 although I suspect that there are scores of mallu aunts and uncles just waiting to get their hands on you and drag you down the altar to saying “I do” to some lissome beauty :D.

  5. Your Fav. board game: LOL
    Your fav child’s name:
    U actually had a list! You know I did the same too, in alphabetical order but finally, didn’t name my daughter after that list. 🙂

  6. Romila: So I’m not the lone nutcase then!! ;). You know what? A birdie whispers into my ears that I might now pick one of the chosen names, myself! Anyways, I still have time to think of life-breaking names :D.
    Bembi however is very cute 🙂

  7. Recently “watched” Conversations with God (a few months ago) – So you’re reading the second book – I’m a bit skeptical in “reading” the books. What were your early impressions?

    Be honest!

  8. Devesh: I haven’t watched the movie but am curious about it since the book has only two protagonists 😉 – is the movie the same?

    Anyways, the books (all 3) are highly recommended – you can even read them out of order but it would be better to start with the first one – since it answers the most basic personal questions. I have read all three; what more can I say other than they’ve changed my entire philosophy of life, like nothing else could.

    I’ve always been broadminded about God and known intrinsically that it is nothing but pure love that binds you to God. But CWG answered some of the most fundamental questions that I had, and struck *me* as the barest truth. It enables you to get fear out of your system, stop relying on ignorance as an excuse, and gives you an acute humour sense 😀 – for me, it was sheer freedom. There is nothing overtly “spiritual” or preachy about it – which makes these books a totally different league from the usual available material.

    And no, I’m not getting paid for all this promotion ;).

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