Love, The Retro Way

Once in a while, you come across these songs that you remember forever.

It’s like these songs are stuck in time, and each time you listen to them, you’re transported back to those years – when you were a different person, when your heart was naive, when you had emotions so strong that they altered the chemistry of your body.

Such songs have the capability to trigger long-forgotten sensations within you. The recollection becomes a physical experience… veering into synesthetic awareness – you can see, feel and almost *taste* those moments in time.

This blog is dedicated to three such songs – retro hindi at that… Ageless songs, phenomenal music, awesome lyrics..and that haunting characteristic that’s so indescribable. Enjoy 🙂

Aisa Sama Na Hota

One of the most incredible voices in Indian history, Lata Mangeshkar, graces this song, and how. As if her honeyed, luscious tones were not enough to send you into a blissful stupor, she has this way of inducing a pang into certain parts of the song – listen to “rahe wo hi waadein wo hi badla kuch nahi, phir bhi tere milne se he duniya kyon hasi”, to understand what I mean.

Youtube allows me to share the video, so here it is. And if I you’re ogling at Sanjay Dutt’s angelic face, well, I don’t blame you ;-).

Tere Dar Par Sanam

Another woman singing this again, yet a favorite of mine, and incidently, A.R. Rahman’s too 😉 – judging by the number of times he’s made her croon his loveliest of numbers : Sadhana Sargam. This song is one of her best but I won’t attribute the success of the song only to her.

Just listen to the violin piece at the start of the song. And feel your heart bleed.

Can you believe Anu Malik is the composer? True to his nature, the piano prelude is lifted from ‘Summer of 42’. But you’ve still got to hand it to him – for melding the piano with the violin seamlessly, for sustaining the expectations from the prelude, and creating a song that’s poignant and laced with a kind of passion that can only be called … *Searing*.

The video is no great shakes – esp. since I hate both the lead actors. But if you believe love can transcend into the territory of dementia, you can sort of accept these two being picked to depict that. Nevertheless, preferably, close your eyes, and soak in only the song.

Tu, tu hai wohi, dil ne jise

Can love be playful? Can it be as much the desire to possess another soul as the need to discover the freedom of the spirit?

Is it a promise? A promise made, to be each other’s soul mate – and to bound to each other, in eternity?

Is it the merging of two waves of consciousness into the sea of the universe?

Well, perhaps it is all of these and more. Listing this song here, is an attempt to pay tribute as much to the words as to the music – so let me write down a few of the former here:

“Mein aawaaz hoon tho, tu he geet mera” (If I’m the voice, then you’re my song)

“Tujhe mein jahaan ki nazar se chura loon, kahin dil ke kone mein tujhko chupa loon” (I’ll steal you away from the eyes of the world, and hide you in a corner of my heart)

“Mil jaye iss tarah, do lahrein jiss tarah, phir hona juda, haan yeh waada raha” (..let’s unite so, like two waves, never to be separated from each other – and that’s a promise forever)

The Sax, the whistling, the claps, the flute (how unusual, and incredibly creative!) and the two brilliant voices – a sprightly Asha Bhosle, and a delightfully virile Kishore Kumar (Oh boy, I could spout pages of poetry now, just at the mention of Kishore. *Dreamy Sigh*)  – I could listen to this song for 100 more years, and not get tired of it. Here it is:

6 thoughts on “Love, The Retro Way

  1. Wow, heard ‘Tu tu hai wohi’ after ages!! Lovely analysis, thoughts on it…. Kishore da toh eccentric genius hain hi 🙂 Lata ji’s voice is again at its usual melodious and lyrical best…

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