You are SPAMMED!

Yes, folks. SPAM is no longer a cuss word. It stands for all things wacky, hopeless, absurd, and a bunch of bloggers who’re doing selfless service AND making sure you get entertained each month and forget what it is like to live life adult-size!! SPAM, now stands for (……..*drumroll*……..)

Society for the Preservation of Absurdity and Madness

Please wipe off that quizzical expression of yours – THIS is what I’m talking about!!

S*P*A*M has hit the blogosphere this August, it’s an e-zine written by some very funny people, and our first edition is out online – for free!  Catch all the action at

Yeah, yeah, I know. We’re hot. We’re good , wholesome , rollicking fun. The adulation is pouring in 😉 but we’re always happy to see more of you tell us how awesome we are. So please come over to S*P*A*M, comment liberally, and bookmark us, because you’re going to want to be SPAMMED in September too!

6 thoughts on “You are SPAMMED!

  1. Wow! Interesting site Shikha! Didn’t know that SUCH awesome people existed in the blog world. Such funny, interesting, selfless, service-oriented (:roll:) and all that!

    Ahem, vanity anyone? 😉

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