DISCLAIMER: Only for Indian classical music/dance lovers :). All rock, salsa, hip-hop, ballroom and break-dance lovers, pls. run away as fast as you can!

PAGE IN BRIEF: Are you a lover of Indian classical dance (or dance music)? (Or a dancer/choreographer looking for ideas for a performance?) If so, this may be a page for you. This page is dedicated to all the time I’ve spent searching for semi-classical dances/songs that could be used for (my/my groups) stage performances. From memories of dances seen in movies as a child, to songs heard by accident – some of these have graced my memory cells, and thankfully to a God-sent site called YouTube, I’m able to find these dances (or songs) without some deft searching skills. And so, I thought I’d reduce that trouble and create a list of suggestions here, just incase someone really cares to check :).

Even if you aren’t a dancer or a choreographer, but just have pure admiration for Indian classical dances/dance songs that feature in Indian movies – then you’ll probably enjoy this. (And yes, remember to click the youtube control to play ;))

P.S. I could have decided to create a youtube channel – but I’m still a blog person so doing this the “old” way.

Here’s the list in no particular order:

1. Ambilikala choodum

2. Shivakara Damaruka

3. Bala Kanakamaya

4. Akhilandeswari

5. Ninnaye Rathiyendru

6. Parvathi Manohari

7. Raagam Thaanam Pallavi

8. Dheem Tadare

9. Kaahe Ched Mohe

10. Entharo Mahanubhavulu

11. Ganeshaya Dheemahi

12. Om Namah Shivaya

13. Shivatandava

14. Brahmanjali

15. Om Jatavedase

16. Alaipayuthey

17. Sumuhoorthamay

18. Koluvaithiva Rangasai

19. Oru Murai Vanthu

20. Rara

21. Dekho Kanha Nahi

22. Thaye Yashoda

2 thoughts on “Dance

    • @rads: I lurrrrv them too! I could break into a dance step just at the first beatof a mridangam ;). And yeah, lots of news ones – which reminds me that I must update this page. Thank you for your tip :)!

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