My characteristic verbal diarrhoea is showing signs of aging, and I’m suddenly having a thing for crisp bios & bullet points, so here goes:

  • A Corporate Junkie living for a decade in the wilderness that is India’s silicon valley, Bangalore.
  • A Mallu at heart. Mallu movies, mallu music and mallu sarcasm – I dig them all.
  • Guilty of rose-colored-glasses and Peter Pan-marries-Pollyanna-ism. Mentally, I’m about 13 at times. And not the hep, drama-obsessed teens of today but the clumsy geek of yore with secret infatuations.
  • INFP as per the MBTI test I took recently. But I could pass for an E (bubbly chatter), and a T (logic, data, excel-sheet obsession) you know.
  • A Sagi with a Scorpio side that springs up once in a while.
  • High on self-introspection and has a bookshelf that is starting to resemble the self-help section of a library.

46 thoughts on “About

  1. vivilovesvivi: Thank you :)!

    Arun: Welcome! Sure, will check out your blog – and add it to my blogroll, so that blog-readers can benefit from words of wisdom from a couple more of loners around 😉

  2. liked ur blog a lot…ur pics r very good! also liked ur blogroll-there r some very interesting blogs out there.
    do visit my blog sometime n give me ur feedback.

  3. Hi Shikha!

    I am repeating the following and hope you can help me:

    I am from Bangladesh. I was searching for this Hindi song that I heard courtesy Radio Ceylon when I was stranded in Karachi during our liberation period in 1971.

    The song goes like “Dilkey Jharokey Mey Tujhko Bithakar, Yadoon ko Teri Mein Dulhaan Banakaar, Rakhunga Mein Dilki Paas, Maat ho Meri Jaan Udhaas”. I may not have written the exact pronunciations here, but would appreciate if anybody can get me the full song with details of the film and singer etc.

    Thank you for your time.


  4. Hi shikha,

    I have to Thank you very much for providing the lyrics of my heart liking songs, i like telugu songs and I copied all the lyrics from ur site today. Thanks a lot.


  5. Hi shikha

    Nice to c ur blog with lyrics of really good songs.Can u pls mail the lyrics of the song veera vidara kumara…. Album-AVANI


  6. Hello Shikha,

    Two three days before when I googled the phrase ‘adiue my friend’ ( just for fun 😉 ) I saw your article as the first result itself. That’s how I happen to visit ur blog. Well written. , reminded me of my collage and hostel days

    Awaiting more from you.


    • @Unnikrishnan: Well, welcome! Lots of people google for “adieu” (I get the search results from the blog) and I couldn’t have imagined why so far, but now I realize people do that for fun too! ;). Thank you for the comment, and good to hear that it connected, and of course, that my link turns up as the first result … :D. And do keep visiting!

  7. Hi, can you please post here the meaning of beautiful Ghazal “Pransakhi njan verumoru..” sung by Dr. K.J.Yesudas??
    this is the youtube link:-

  8. Hi!
    I just typed ‘lonely’ in the google blog search and landed here.Read your first article,surprisingly was much similar to one of my recent blogs and I was pleasantly surprised 🙂
    NIce to learn about you Shikha.

    • A question would be why you are typing lonely in google, in the first place – but you don’t need to answer that, that’s something I do myself :). Nice to meet you too!! (even though the reply is a year late! sorry :()

  9. Hi Shikha! Would you like to participate in the World’s largest Tweetathon?

    I write to you on behalf of The Viewspaper (www.theviewspaper.net) which is India’s largest youth paper and the 5th largest media company on Facebook.

    We are organizing the World’s Largest Tweet-A-Thon! and would like to invite you as a panelist for the same.

    From American political journalists in the 1950s, to The Economist magazine not so long ago; speculation has run rife about India and whether we will survive as a nation.

    Poverty. Corruption. Terrorism. Disease. Currency woes. We’ve got it all, and more. We’ve been written off, doomsdayed, delegitimized – but we keep coming back! What is the root of this appetite for adversity, this solid resilience?

    It is our nation’s optimism. No matter how much you bring her down, India feels up!

    A first of its kind initiative, the #IFeelUp Tweetathon is a 3-day virtual conference, which delights in the irrepressible state of the nation, in spite of its laundry list of issues. Over 72 hours, we’ll be bringing in 400 panelists for non-stop discussion, and that’s where you come in.

    We would like to invite you as a panelist for a 30 minute session wherein you can participate from any part of the world.

    If you’re interested, kindly email us your contact information so that we could provide you with more details about the event.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Garima Obrah

  10. Hi Shikha,
    Have taken the liberty of borrowing your Thrikkakarayappan’s photograph from 2006 as a Header for my blog as I couldn’t find of anything more appropriate than that. As the means of displaying credit at the blog is too clunky, have updated it on the Facebook Page of my lil blog on Old Malayalam movies. Thank you so much in advance. And if in case you would rather have it pull down, please do leave a note I’d be happy to take it off. Thanks again, and Onaashamsakal in advance. Regards..cinematters

  11. Hi Shikha — We have a common friend on linkedin and besides an IIMB search on linkedin shows you up on the result set 🙂 ….. so then I cam across this blog of yours and read some of it in the past… came back a couple of days ago and saw this write up on Endurance…. Just at the right time… coz I & my team are pretty much seeing this happen with us @ work…. so thinking of the ROI of what we are doing…I guess our gain has been building our Endurance ……………. Thanks for this point of view…

    • @Kapil: Ah yes, checked you out on LI and saw the connection :). Endurance speaks volumes of the trials behind building it. *Thumbs up* for you and your team!

  12. Hi Shikha, seena here 🙂 That is how I remember you -‘logic, data sheet obsession’ kind of person. You immediately dissected a problem with a reason, a formula, a solution and an analogy and then that ‘aha’ smile. And nothing would ever seem difficult in BCA class (for the short while that I was there) when you explained it. I don’t think I ever got over how composed and grounded I felt you were.

    And ‘High on self-introspection and has a bookshelf that is starting to resemble the self-help section of a library.’ I wouldn’t mind a peek into that section. Am so glad now with the internet… you can get away without actually buying the book… and no one (except some google program that is tracking your every move) knows why and where you need self help….:D

    • Seena! So amazing to see you here :). And the mention of BCA just zonked me right back to 1997. Ah, what fun times… *sigh*. Although, truth be told, I wasn’t all that sorted out as you thought I was. God and hehe yes, Google, knows how twisted I am :D.

      I could take a pic of the bookshelf but I think my goodreads account is a much easier way – have listed most of my fav books there.

      I’m tempted to ask “how have you been” but this isn’t Facebook so I’ll do that in a separate message. Meanwhile, I need to catch up on your blog. I’m woefully out of sync with the blogging world in general. This is a good way to crawl back in… Thanks for that 🙂

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